Top TCM Tips to Help Enrich Your Life during Pregnancy

Posted by Kenny Liang on 13/03/19 10:00 AM

In traditional Chinese medicine, the pregnant woman is regarded as a person who should be taken care of in a unique way. During pregnancy, a lot of hormonal changes take place that not only weaken the woman's defences but might also put the child she carries at risk. Therefore, traditional Chinese medicine takes care of not only the expectant woman but also the unborn child.

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What Acupuncture is good for?

Posted by Kenny Liang on 20/06/18 10:00 AM

When most people think about acupuncture, they think about the needles. It often makes them uncomfortable because many people are scared of them. However, it can be quite relaxing, as well as good for your health!

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The Patter of Little Feet: How Acupuncture Can Help Add to Your Family

Posted by Kenny Liang on 26/11/17 8:02 AM

The inability to conceive a child can be a source of much sorrow for a couple. Sometimes there is no apparent reason for the problem, and that just makes it harder. But there is hope. Acupuncture has an amazing ability to help couples conceive and is fast becoming a recognised and effective method for treating infertility. 

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