What Can Herbal Medicine Treat?

Posted by Kenny Liang on 17/04/19 10:00 AM

Herbal medicine has been around longer than traditional medicine. In fact, it was used by the Chinese back before traditional medicine was started. When you use herbal medicine, you are using products that are natural and derived from plants. These remedies come in many forms such as essential oils, teas, extracts, and even can be made into tablets.

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Nuanced Benefits of Traditional Chinese Acupuncture

Posted by Kenny Liang on 6/11/17 2:51 PM

With a background exceeding 3000 years, acupuncture remains among the more familiar therapies of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Promoting self-healing, a trained acupuncturist stimulates precise body parts targeted by inserting sterile needles. While the much publicised opioid addiction epidemic inspires intense research, crystallising acupuncture's benefits, its application to other ills defies overestimation.

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