Insights in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Western Medicine

Posted by Kenny Liang on 17/07/19 10:00 AM

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is based on the first-hand observation of Chinese physicians over thousands of years. In helping to explain what they see, these traditional practitioners developed theories which are very different from what Western doctors have developed. But the observed facts have a strong symmetry with the Western doctor's events have also established.

Chinese practitioners know as much about the anatomy of the body as western doctors and never debate the facts of anatomy and physiology that are established in medicine and established across the world. 



The course of study for a qualification in TCM includes coursework which is common to both western and Chinese medicine. Courses include:

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Mindfulness ways To Reduce Stress and Enhance Health & Wellbeing

Posted by Kenny Liang on 18/06/19 10:00 AM


The chances are good that you've at least heard about mindfulness—and perhaps are also aware of its benefits. Some of the most inspiring of these proven  benefits of mindfulness include:

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How Traditional Chinese Medicine can help you to quit smoking

Posted by Kenny Liang on 15/05/19 10:00 AM

The good news: The smoking rate of Australian adults has nearly halved since 1995 and is now hovering around 12.8 percent, according to a 2016 survey. The bad news: You or someone you love is addicted and needs help.

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What Can Herbal Medicine Treat?

Posted by Kenny Liang on 17/04/19 10:00 AM

Herbal medicine has been around longer than traditional medicine. In fact, it was used by the Chinese back before traditional medicine was started. When you use herbal medicine, you are using products that are natural and derived from plants. These remedies come in many forms such as essential oils, teas, extracts, and even can be made into tablets.

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Sports Pain and the Benefits of Remedial Massage

Posted by Kenny Liang on 27/03/19 3:00 PM

Playing sports can be a fun and productive way of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Keeping your body active is important, and enjoying yourself at the same time if even better. Unfortunately, all forms of sports come with their own risks.  From bodily pain to sore muscles and injuries, sports can be as rough on your body as they can be helpful. Luckily, Traditional Chinese Medicine has a few tips to help with such problems in Remedial Massage therapy.

Using a combination of refined techniques, lubricants, and movements, these treatments are designed to target the specific needs of the individual. It can be used to treat a number of common problems associated with sports, such as;

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Top TCM Tips to Help Enrich Your Life during Pregnancy

Posted by Kenny Liang on 13/03/19 10:00 AM

In traditional Chinese medicine, the pregnant woman is regarded as a person who should be taken care of in a unique way. During pregnancy, a lot of hormonal changes take place that not only weaken the woman's defences but might also put the child she carries at risk. Therefore, traditional Chinese medicine takes care of not only the expectant woman but also the unborn child.

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Traditional Chinese Medicine and the Use of Intermittent Fasting for Health

Posted by Kenny Liang on 27/02/19 11:00 AM

There are two ways of getting energy for daily function, one is burning the nutrients from food, the carbohydrates and sugars especially. The other is burning stored fats. When we are eating, we derive energy to serve our muscular functions from the nutrients in the food. Extra nutrients are changed into fats which can be quickly oxidised or burned to supply energy if needed. When we fast or do not eat, if the body needs the energy to function, the reserves of fat are called up to be oxidised and provide energy for activities of the body that calls for it. After a meal, fat is stored. Between meals, stored fat is slowly released, keeping body cells supplied with energy. The brain needs the immediate, easily oxidised converted sugars (glucose) from food, the bodily organs burn the energy from stored fats. When we eat, nutrition not immediately burned is stored as fats. If we eat too much, we store excess fats until we have more stored fats than the body will reasonably use.


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5 Important Things to Consider When Starting Your Own TCM Business

Posted by Kenny Liang on 13/02/19 12:00 AM

Every student of Traditional Chinese Medicine looks forward to graduating and starting their TCM career! It's a rewarding path, so naturally, you're eager to get going. Still, before you start your own TCM business, there are several important things you need to consider. Here are five of them:

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How to Become a successful TCM Practitioner

Posted by Kenny Liang on 23/01/19 11:00 AM

Many people in Australia are excited about Traditional Chinese Medicine. It is a discipline for healing that is non-intrusive, makes maximum use of the body's natural mechanisms for healing, and is devoted to the fundamental doctrine of the health professions, "Do no harm." TCM is an ancient field, but it is also at the forefront of modern thinking about the body.

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Natural ways to Detoxify your body with Foods and Herbs

Posted by Kenny Liang on 9/01/19 11:00 AM

The human body has many systems that function to detoxify itself. The kidney, the liver, skin cells, and lungs actively remove toxins as they operate. Yet the idea of an external detoxifier remains popular in the culture and in the marketplace. Much of this detoxification marketplace is discounted by medical science.

Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) lends its voice to the idea that healthy bodies should be left to operate without additional substances and artificial detoxification. The perspective of TCM is stated as "Go with the flow of nature and use its unlimited power to achieve and maintain a healthy balanced body."

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