Sleep problems? How traditional chinese medicine improves your sleep quality.

Posted by Kenny Liang on 5/12/18 10:00 AM

The ancient Chinese believed that sleep is essential to maintaining health. Learned Chinese sages wrote,

"...replenishing health with medicine is not as good as replenishing health with diet, but...replenishing health with sleep is the best treatment of all."

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Ear Acupuncture And The Modern Science Of TCM

Posted by Kenny Liang on 22/11/18 10:00 AM

In recent years, acupuncture has been demonstrated to be an effective treatment for a number of health issues including nausea, vomiting, bodily pain, and many others. It may also be effective in treating a number of other problems. This ancient system of health is based on the body's natural energy flow known as chi or qi, and on the balance of the yin and yang energies. Auricular acupuncture works in much the same way as traditional acupuncture, except it focuses exclusively on the human ear. It may seem strange at first glance, but there are signs that auricular acupuncture is not only effective but that it also holds its own unique benefits.

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EVIDENCE FOR ITS EFFICACY AND SAFETY in Traditional Chinese Medicine

Posted by Kenny Liang on 7/11/18 10:00 AM

Traditional Chinese medicine refers to a collection of health practices that originated in China, some of them over thousands of years ago. Most people have a passing familiarity with some of the practices, including acupuncture, cupping, tai chi, and qi gong. With such a diverse range of practices, and the modern interest in alternative medicines, traditional Chinese medicine has experienced a surge in popularity, but it may have you wondering if the excitement is justified and backed by science. Research into traditional Chinese medicinal practices is still relatively new, which means that while it is too early to form conclusions, there are promising studies demonstrating the efficacy of traditional Chinese medicine.

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How Herbs Can Help Treat Allergies

Posted by Kenny Liang on 31/10/18 3:00 PM

Wouldn't it be nice to use nature to combat nature? With TCM herbs, you may be able to find relief from your allergies using the gifts of the earth itself -- gifts which sometimes feel like a curse as your nose is running and your eyes are itching.

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What is the Difference Between Deep Tissue And Soft Tissue in Remedial Massage

Posted by Kenny Liang on 24/10/18 3:00 PM

In traditional Chinese medicine, massage is a technique used to open up and clear the body's natural energy pathways. Through a combination of medicinal herbs and targeted pressure points, TCM works to restore a healthy balance throughout the body. These ancient 2000-year-old methods have been shown to provide a range of benefits including reduced stress, improved blood circulation, reduced nausea and migraines, and many others.

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How Acupuncture Relieves Migraine Pain

Posted by Kenny Liang on 17/10/18 3:00 PM

A migraine is usually defined as a recurrent throbbing headache that often affects only one side of the head and possibly accompanied by nausea and blurry vision. According to, 23% of households contain at least one migraine sufferer

A migraine is an interaction between the brain and the blood vessels that feed the brain that went a bit haywire. Some parts of the brain, overstimulated, started to secrete chemicals that affect the blood vessels near it. The tightening of blood vessels causes the trigeminal nerve pain circuits to trigger, which manifests as a migraine. 

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3 Natural Ways to Be Free of Cramps Using TCM

Posted by Kenny Liang on 10/10/18 3:00 PM

The pain of cramps can be debilitating, causing you to miss work, cancel appointments and curl into a ball until the aches subside -- until you have to do it all over again next month.

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5 Alternative Treatments to Relieve Your Stress

Posted by Kenny Liang on 3/10/18 3:00 PM

In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), "there is no separation between the mind and body – they are interconnected and affect each other in health." This synergy is why your stomach hurts when you're anxious, or your neck aches when you're stressed, or your energy levels are depleted when you're depressed. For 3,000 years, TCM has provided "a safe and an effective help on the treatment of stress-related disorders," treating both the symptoms and causes of our bodies' imbalances. If you've reached your stress tipping point, consider these alternative treatments.

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Different ways to help with the disharmony from the body

Posted by Kenny Liang on 26/09/18 3:00 PM

Previously, we have discussed the fundamental TCM concepts of Qi and the five vital substances, how the vital organs (zang fu) manufacture and refine the substances, and how the jing luo distributes them throughout the body. In this final part, we will discuss what factors cause disharmony in the overall body system, and how they can be eliminated through the various TCM methods, such as herbs, acupuncture, acupressure, tui-na (therapeutic massage), cupping, and so on.

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Jing Luo and Acupuncture Poins

Posted by Kenny Liang on 19/09/18 3:00 PM

In the previous part, we have discussed how TCM views the internal organs (zang fu) as an interconnected system, for converting food, water, and air into the five vital substances.  In this part, we will discuss the jing luo, how they connect the organs to the rest of the body, and how acupuncture points, or "acupoints," are points along the jing luo, and how they can be stimulated to achieve clinical results.

You may sometimes see the term "meridian" used in place of jing luo. Meridian was a term used by French diplomatic scholar George Soulié de Morant who brought acupuncture to Europe in the early 1900s after spending years in China. We will be using the term jing luo, or "channel." 

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